Sunday, July 17, 2011

Goodbye Harry Potter

Two days ago I attended the Harry Potter midnight premiere of The Deathly Hallows Part 2. So sad that this is the end of Harry! We will forever love and miss you! Well naturally in honor of the occasion I HAD to make Harry Potter cupcakes.
My friends Ally, Regina and I at the premiere! 
Such a fun night! Anyways, with these cupcakes I really experimented with gum paste. I've never used it before and probably didn't use it correctly however the lightening bolts, glasses and "HP"turned out great!  
Some tips for using gum paste. It is in the directions on the back of the gum paste but take them to heart, make sure to have shortening or butter with you to soften the past and make it easier to form shapes. I used icing colors to paint the shapes and bought baker's paintbrushes. Im starting to get quite the collection of baking tools! Yay! I'm going to hopefully take Wilton cake baking classes at Hobby Lobby when school starts. I'm looking forward to it even if I am the youngest one in the class, I have a feeling I will be. Oh well! 
My other friend Ally helped me with the designs! Make sure to have a sharp knife for cutting the gum paste with a pointy tip. I can't wait to get my own gum paste and fondant cutting kit. 

The cupcakes were so cute I couldn't get myself to eat them! I had to give them to everyone else! I know I need more experience with the gum paste but for now it served it purpose. 

So if you want to make some intricate 3D designs on your cupcakes, buy some gum paste and viola, you will be a decorating expert in no time! And Harry Potter we will all miss you, thanks J.K. Rowling! 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sundae's on Sunday

So I saw a picture of cupcakes like this and new I HAD to make them, they look so yummy (and tasted yummy too). My darling little cousin and I had a sleepover one night and wanted to do some baking, this was the result! I tried for the first time, marble cake! It was kind of hard to work :/
This one turned out the best though.We used chocolate sauce, sprinkles and marchino(sp?) cherries. Have putting the icing on we used the sprinkles then drizzled chocolate sauce on top. We put the cherry on top and cut straws to stick in them as well. 
I had such great company with me during my baking :) 
My little helper. Isn't she adorable? 

 So if you are looking for some awesome looking cupcakes to make that are SO EASY, just grab chocolate sauce, sprinkles, cherries and straws... and viola! Sundae Cupcakes.

Another Birthday Post.

My mother has always been my biggest supporter and therefore she wanted some birthday cupcakes done for her friend as well. Basically did the same deal as with the other cupcakes... not much to say here. I did however put edible pearls on all the cupcakes with no letters.
I played around with my icing technique too, and that turned out very pretty. 
I did candy molds again for the lettering, the yellow candy looked pretty with the lavender icing.

Someone was eating all my icing though... 

So there you have it another birthday post, and viola celebration worthy cupcakes. 

A Fishy Birthday

So I got another official cupcake baking job! Go me! As you can see they wanted some kind of fishing incorporated, and the guys name was Tom and he was turning 50. 
Well I didn't do anything too special other than the fishing poles made from white lollipop sticks (colored with brown marker), string tied tightly to the fish (Sweetish Fish) and pole. I special ordered candy molds of numbers and the alphabet. Thats how I made the lettering. 
You can find lollipop sticks at Hobby Lobby or any Michael's. 
And viola, fishy cupcakes!

Music to My Taste Buds

So the other week the weirdest thing happened. I have a summer job as a waitress and I got to talking to one of my tables about blogs, so I mentioned this, one thing led to another, and I got my first official cupaking baking job for Father's day! Sorry for being so busy and not being able to post much! This lady wanted some kind of music note cupcakes... I immediately thought of using candy melts and drawing notes with melted brown candies. This was also my first time making red velvet. 

Call me weird but I don't particularly like red velvet... Other people do but not me. I made giant cupcakes because she only wanted 6. 
I used milk chocolate candy melts, and bought some more cylinders for melting the chocolate, followed the directions to the T, and I didn't burn them to a crisp like last time! 
FYI, I love any and all Wilton products :) 
I just made my usual Buttercream icing, nothing special, I didn't even add color. It was kind of tricky to decorate the giant cupcakes, but they turned out great. 
Since this was kind of a "business thing" I used my signature "S" toothpick for a normal sized cupcake in the middle. 
You can see how much bigger the giant cupcakes are. I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a box and drew my name on it. Exciting!

And Viola! Music cupcakes for those musically inclined. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Odds and Ends: Cupcake Style

So before I decided to make this cupcake blog I had done a few cupcakes here and there so I wanted to use a post to show some of those cupcakes! The above cupcakes are some that my friend Ally helped me with, they are reese's chocolate cupcakes with a reese's middle. They were in honor of my friend Blake's Birthday last year.

 These cupcakes are cheesecake cupcakes that my roomie Claire and I made for New Year's Eve this year. We used mint leaves, dark chocolate chunks, chocolate shavings and orange peels curled for decoration.
I had so much fun making those peel curls, they made the cupcakes look very gourmet. My lovely roomie Claire is an awesome baker. She even has a blog about fashion and odds and ends of her life at  , you should check it out! 
Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes! Pretty basic, thankfully my aunt had a stand thats made for making this exact kind of cupcake so she lent me that to make these. 
I had a ridiculously handsome co-chef for these cupcakes... 
Stay tuned because we will be redoing another type of ice cream cone cupcakes together sometime this summer! 

And so after this random cupcake post I will leave you with this great piece of advice...